It has been very, very quiet around here recently, partly by design and partly due to usual (and unusual) life and work stuff. The design bit? I purposely dedicated a majority of my free time to reading. While I do pretty well reading during school breaks, I wanted to step up my reading game while school, and life in general, was in session. I have also dedicated more time to running. After minor surgery had me off my feet for much of June and July, it took several more weeks of rehab to get my middle-aged bones back up and running. Toss in the choice to completely redesign the curriculum at the day job and my intellectual and physical plate was full.

Now is the time to rededicate time and energy to writing again. My primary focus for the next several weeks will be reviewing the reading I’ve done and plan to do for the foreseeable future. I developed a system (actually, it’s an ongoing creation) of close reading and note taking these past several months. Writing more reviews should ensure that this process realizes its full potential.

Here we go (again).